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Tax Appraisal Assessed Value Vs. Market Value

As a buyer or seller, you will likely hear two “prices” thrown about: assessed value versus market value. So what’s the difference? While assessed value and market value may seem similar, these numbers can be different—typically assessed value is lower—and they’re used in distinct ways as well. So let’s clear up any confusion so you… Read More »

Texas Homestead Exemptions – Helpful Guide for What You Need To Know To Reduce Your Property Taxes

Filing your Texas homestead exemption is a great way to kick off homeownership since you can significantly reduce the taxes on your home. I’ve assembled all the information you need to know to submit your homestead exemption request to the local appraisal district in your area. Note: If you’ve already filed for exemption, here’s how… Read More »

How To Check Your Homestead Exemption Status

Brazoria County Homestead Verification Go to Enter the owner name (last name first) or the property address In the Property section, you will see “Exemptions: Homestead”. Note: If you see “Exemptions:” and a blank space then you do not have homestead exemption. Galveston County Homestead Verification Go to Search for the property by… Read More »