5 Must-Do Tips For a Successful Staging

Selling a home can be a tough task, but there are ways to increase its curb appeal to improve the odds of making a sale. Homeowners are encouraged to take on a number of tasks to get their homes ready for sale.

1. Fix it up
Finding issues with a home and fixing them is a surefire way to improve the odds of selling a home. You know your house better than anyone – fix the broken shingle, grease the squeaking door, caulk the leaky shower. Getting out the tools can go a long way to attract a buyer.

2. Keep it clean
When selling your home it’s critical to keep clutter at bay, pick up and keep the home its cleanest. Consider having professional cleaners come in a day before an open house to ensure it’s spotless.

3. Tone it down
When selling a home, it’s critical to appeal to the masses. That might mean toning down certain aspects of the place. Sure, your young daughter might have thought four different color paints looked nice in her bedroom, but a prospective buyer might not have her unique taste. The best practice when selling a home is to remove any personal items, helping buyers picture themselves there.

4. Mind the details
Everything matters when selling a home, so going the extra mile could make all the difference. For instance, having a copy of any bills could clue a buyer in on how much utilities will cost, thus helping them make their decision.

5. Optimize your space
Make a home look as large as possible. This could mean rearranging or even removing furniture. Doing so will make a home more appealing.