4 Questions to Ask When Touring a Home

Going to a showing soon? Make sure to ask these questions as you tour the property:

1. Does it look maintained and well-cared for? When sellers put their home on the market, they usually put a lot of time into the landscaping and curb appeal, do a deep clean of the interior, and dec-clutter to show off the space of the home. If the home does not look well-maintained or cared for, there may be costly repairs necessary.

2. Will this fit my needs? Evaluate space, storage, layout, etc. Will the layout of the square footage meet your needs? Do you have a hobby or special needs that require unique storage or flex space?

3. Is there work to be done to get it to my liking? If you’ll need to do renovations, you will want to factor this into your decision (and make sure it will fit your budget). Most sellers try to make their home move-in ready while others leave them as-is for the new buyer to put their personal touch.

4. Will it fit in with your long-term goals? Is there room for a growing family or a yard for your future pups? If the home works for you now does not fit into your long-term goals, can space in the home be modified to meet future needs or are you ok with this being a starter home with plans to buy again?