Preparing for Freezing Weather in Houston

Protect People

Make sure to have extra blankets and layers ready in case power goes out.  Check in with your elderly family and neighbors to see if they need help.

Protect Your Pipes

Insulate the pipes and open up sink cabinets to expose the pipes to heated air.  Disconnect outdoor hoses and turn off water to the sprinkler system.

Protect Your Pets

Keep your pets warm, dry, and indoors

Vehicle Preparedness

Make sure your vehicle has supplies such as water and blankets in case you get stranded due to hazardous road conditions.  Check to see if you need to fill up your tank before the cold weather event.

Stay Alert

Be sure to check in with the latest forecasts and learn the signs of hypothermia and frostbite.

Those are the tips to keep your prepared.  Weather can change quickly here so do not wait until the last minute.  Do these things right now.